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At long last, my dream has come true! My book, The Gangster’s Gold, has been published and is now available on Amazon but even bigger, to me at least, is that two local New Hampshire bookstores have agreed to carry it!

Bookends at 16 E Main Street in Warner, NH was the first. Seeing copies of my book sitting on the shelf was something I had dreamed about for years. Katherine Nevins was so encouraging and helpful that I immediately felt at home. I also proceeded to buy like eighty dollars worth of stuff for my grandkids (it’s a pretty cool shop!)

Today, I took some copies to Gibson’s Bookstore at 45 S. Main Street in Concord, NH. This is another wonderful, hometown bookstore that likes to support and encourage local authors. Again, I found myself walking out with far more that I walked in with! The dangers of a good bookstore!

I hope if you are in New Hampshire, you will check out these two local bookstores and support them. There are far too few left these days!


On My Own

It’s been a very long time since I wrote anything on this blog. I guess that makes me a bad person in the world of aspiring writers. I know we’re supposed to push hard on social media, but it’s hard when you really aren’t into blogging, twitter, and the like. However, I have vowed to try and be more active! I need to be because at long last, I finally broke down and decided to publish my novel, The Gangster’s Gold through Amazon. I mean, what do I have to lose? I went through the traditional publishing route and nothing came of it and rather than let the book simply sit on my computer, I decided to just forge ahead.

So, after working with a friend to create a fantastic cover, my book is now a reality and available for sale on Amazon! I am working on the next step, which is converting it into an eBook. It’s more frustrating that I had hoped, but I’m not really surprised.

So now, I am a published author. Most of me is thrilled, but there is a part that is cringing in a corner thinking, What am I doing!?

Why wouldn’t I be excited? Isn’t this like a dream come true? In part yes, but it’s the marketing part that I shrink from. I have never found promoting myself or anything I’ve ever done to be easy. A large part of me would be quite content to just put it up on Amazon, tell a few friends and family and leave it at that. If other people buy it, great but the idea of reaching out to other venues to ask them to sell or purchase it just makes me cringe.

I have a friend who is doing exactly what they tell you to do if you want to become a writer. She has been busy getting pieces published in magazines of different sorts, working to get her name out there. In theory, if she publishes a book in the future, she will have a ready-made audience. I greatly admire her. Me? I don’t want to do that. Writing clever or inspirational short articles isn’t something I particularly enjoy much less submitting them to lots of places in hopes they will be published. Sure, there are periodicals geared towards kids; Cricket, Highlights, and Jack and Jill being a few of the available titles out there and yes, I guess I should be writing short pieces in the hope they’ll find their way onto the pages of one of those, but I find writing short stories far more difficult than writing longer ones.

So, what will I do? I have no idea. I will update my poor, neglected webpage and blog. I will continue to edit the next book I want to publish in the hopes of getting that finished in the near future and I have several books waiting in the wings to be edited. My ultimate goal is to get them all published, even if just by myself.  Maybe I’ll take a look at the submission guidelines for some of those kids’ magazines. It couldn’t hurt. Of course, I’d actually have to come up with some short story to submit.

I am hoping that getting this first book published and out there will get me motivated to finish up all the others. As they say, that first step can be the hardest!

Anyway, I hope you will all buy my book and review! There. I have officially advertised my book. Yay me!


Welcome to my site!

Hello! I’m so glad you stopped by! I am an aspiring author of books for children and young adults. It’s always been my dream to be a writer from the time I was young. As a child, I used to draw and illustrate my own stories. In junior high I wrote a story well over a hundred pages (by hand!) about how my entire middle was kidnapped  by Nazis and then escaped by digging tunnels with spoons. Okay, not the most original story, but it was fun! Now, I’m hoping that my stories will inspire other young writers to follow their own dreams.