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What Killed the Children of the Parsons Corners?

Discovering the diary of a girl who died over 150 years ago, 14-year-old Sophia Whelan is shocked by the tragic tale of a New Hampshire family plagued by a series of mysterious deaths. One by one the children of the Parsons family fell ill and died shortly after their seventeenth birthday. Heart-breaking coincidence? Or is there something far more sinister at work? When Sophia’s own sister develops a serious illness soon after turning seventeen, Sophia desperately searches for an answer, but quickly realizes saving her sister’s life might come at the expense of her own. Can Sophia discover the horrifying secret of Parsons Corners before it’s too late?


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The Ghost of Barred Owl Farm: SPOOK Adventure 1


Twelve-year-old Emma Blackburn is less than thrilled when her father announces that the family is going into the ghost hunting business. She doesn't believe in ghosts and would rather die than have her friends found out. Her twin, brother, Edgar, on the other hand is thrilled. He can't wait to get his hands on the high-tech ghost hunting equipment. Unfortunately, ghost hunting turn out to be quite as easy at it looked on TV. After moving into the Barred Owl Farm, they quickly discover that ghost hunting can be far more dangerous than anyone imagined!


The Gangster's Gold


What Happened to Charlie Andersson?

In 1921, fifteen-year-old Charlie Andersson disappeared with a quarter of a million dollars belonging to the notorious gangster, Jimmy "The Blade" Houlihan. Neither Charlie nor the money was ever seen again, creating Fishawak, Maine's biggest mystery. Eighty years later, twelve-year-old Gwen is certain her life is over when her parents decide to move from Washington, D.C. and renovated the old Andersson home. However, after she discovers the ghostly presence of a teenaged boy in the attic, and a chance discovery allows Gwen to travel back in time to the 1920's, Gwen is determined to discover the truth behind Charlie's disappearance. Unfortunately, someone else is also searching for the long-lost money and will stop at nothing to find it. 



I thought it would be interesting to try creating a book trailer for my first novel, "The Gangster's Gold". It was fun to do and I hope you enjoy it!